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    Read about your city's art gallery history and current information Send us your City's Information and we will post it..
  • Columbus Ohio

    Columbus Ohio Galleryhop is the first Saturday of every month in the Short North Arts District. Thousands of visitors enjoy the evening exploring over 40 Art galleries, Exhibitions, unique Boutiques, Bars, and Restaurants. Columbus Ohio Galleryhop is truly a World class Art lifestyle experience. The Galleries spotlight art from the
  • Dayton Ohio

    The arts and history collide in Dayton’s oldest neighborhood Come explore the galleries, shops, restaurants, bars, and businesses that call the Oregon Arts District home. Oregon is Dayton's oldest neighborhood, dating back to the 19th century, and its creative inhabitants are passionate about preserving the entrepreneurial spirit of their district.
  • Cleveland Larchmere Ohio

    A Short History of Larchmere Cleveland Ohio Larchmere Boulevard was originally a Hungarian and Italian working class Cleveland neighborhood, just north of the landmark Shaker Square - the second oldest planned shopping district in the country, built in 1929.After World War II, with the expansion of suburban areas everywhere, Sedlak Interiors
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      GALLERYHOP.COM is the place for people who love the arts to go to find anything related to art and the lifestyle around it. brings art venues and events together in a business directory.  A resource for art gallery owners, patrons and local artists to join in our online artist community, collaborate, share, and connect with fellow artists and art representatives. reaches out to all the world to promote civic interest in the vibrant and growing arts community.
      Profiles of art walks, art galleries, arts festivals, cultural and entertainment events, nearby dining and shopping choices along with a unique marketplace promoting art trends, non-traditional artwork and art district real estate make is the one-stop source for all things art.

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